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Unhappy Au server reponds to ping

This supposed service for which I have paid to be a "premium" member is highly functional when it works. The latter being the key point "when it works". It seems almost a weekly occurrence that the eu.voxalot server fails.

When I use the server I always have to specify a Stun server otherwise I get only one way sound.

It is a real pain to have keep changing settings in phone systems and software on a weekly basis.

If the service providers that Voxalot use in Holland and the US are so unreliable why not find some that aren't?

Also, as I have suggested in another post, the "service status" page on the website is next to useless. It is not difficult to set up a system that polls the active servers and, if there is a problem, runs a script that updates the service status. This would remove a lot of frustration for many users, especially when these service failures happen whilst trying to configure new systems!

It is sad that one feels that Voxalot cannot be recommended as a service
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