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Originally Posted by amaramrahul View Post
I sincerely think if a companies like Voipdiscount and callcentric could do something about handling NAT issue (in PAP2), then so should Voxalot.
Voxalot does it. If you choose 'NAT SYM = YES", then Voxalot tries to handle with NAT that does not complains with standards. The problem is that 'junky' implementations are all around and it is impossible to handle with everything that may happen in this field. So, in some situation, Callcentric can work and Voxalot doesn't. In some other situation, Voxalot works and Callcentric doesn't. All these problems are the way internet is built and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
Your problem is with your modem/router that doesn't handle NAT the way it should do. There are many 'junky' implementations, and all of them are different. So the solution to these kind of problems are in finding some sort of configuration that works and not trying to put to work the 'ideal' solution you want to implement. If you want to learn the technical part, this is an excellent opportunity. If you are only trying to solve some kind of need, that opt by something that works for you with what you have. There are no miracles here that anyone can do it for you. These are the way things are.
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