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I have run into this problem before with Voxalot, and other SIP providers. The problem is not with Voxalot, the problem is with your NAT router, and partially with your PAP2 in that it cannot handle NAT very well without clearly defined ports. If you have a router that does not suck, you need to manually forward the sip port like 5060 and a RTP port like 12000 from your router to the PAP2. The PAP2 also has to be configured for those ports. If your router sucks, get a new one, preferably one that can do DD-WRT.

I am not a big fan of STUN because it only works if your router is not junk. If you have a good router, then STUN is bit redundant and pointless.

Why do some VOIP providers like callcentric work? It is because their SIP software is able to use nasty hacks to get the incoming signal working, but even these VOIP providers end up being flaky eventually. The PAP2 needs certainty on the ports to use to work reliably. The RTP port is what deals with the audio, so make sure it is a unique one. I use port 12000 myself.
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