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Default Voxalot DOES NOT block any SIP URI

Originally Posted by mattfromabove View Post

not only pbxes connections are BLOCKED from VOXALOT.... I just found out that you also block calls to GIZMO (sipphone)..... wow what else? who knows!

I can assure you that it is not Voxalot blocking any SIP URI destination, but the other way around. From about two years ago -- after Google's Gizmo acquisition --, that Gizmo is blocking all Voxalot traffic (registration and SIP URI calls).
So, whenever you see trouble with calls from Voxalot, don't assume that it is a Voxalot issue. In the above cases you mention, it's an issue with the destination provider, in some cases intentionally -- as it is with Gizmo --, sometimes unintentionally, derived from some sort of bug or misconfiguration.
If you have all properly configured, ENUM should work (it's working for me, I can assure you). But not blame someone without knowing all the equation. Some of these complete or partial blocking is the result of some commercial policy, as it is in the cases of Gizmo and Betamax clones. And users that doesn't understand how VoIP works, tends to blame the wrong provider, in this case Voxalot.

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