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Originally Posted by pauldreed View Post
I can't get mine working either.
I'm using an iPhone (with no dial plan) direct to Voxalot.
I have set up the speed dial to **5 to dial sip(colon)persons-name@ and I get Call Failed - 'Internal Server Error - 500'
I have also tried setting the sip address up in the dialplan, so if I dial the landline number, the dial plan directs it to Bryan-Adams@
But all I get is "We're sorry, the number you have called could not be connected."
If I test the rule, I get;
'A call to:01XXXXXX239 will get forwarded to Bryan-Adams@ via Voipstunt
Which appears OK, but doesnt work.
(I have also tried sip:Bryan-Adams@ to no avail)

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