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Besides Voxalot account, you need to configure some Voice Service Provider (VSP) through which you will make your calls to normal PSTN numbers. Voxalot can only make calls to numbers that are ENUM registered. That is the case for US toll free numbers (as is the case with 1800 numbers).
So, on 'Voice Service Providers' (VSP) you must configure the provider (for example, 'callcentric') through which your calls will be connected. That is: you need another VoIP account that register at Voxalot instead of your softphone. Think Voxalot as being your voip phone.
Then you also need to configure a dial plan rule to send the number you dial to the VSP you which to use. See Voxalot FAQ and Tutorials. There you have all needed information to configure your account properly.
But you must understand that Voxalot can not dial PSTN numbers directly. Only VoIP numbers our PSTN numbers that are ENUM registered, as is the case of US toll free numbers. Think Voxalot as a service aggregate or an added value service.
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