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Default InterVoip - new Betamax clone and Voxalot


yes i know - betamax is betamax is ... betamax!

intervoip ( - Intervoip start saving on your international calls now!) is new betamax clone with very attractive tariff.

using intervoip via voxalot is not working for me. can you check please what is wrong?

my tests:

1) intervoip proprietary windows client is working well
2) x-lite using proxy port 5060 is working well
3) siemens c 450 ip using proxy is working well


4) if i connect to voxalot and try to make call using "voip service provider" intervoip with proxy - the error message is "bussy".
5) changing proxy to or with username/password from - all is working well again!

my question is: can you contact intervoip (betamax!) and sort out this problem?

thank you very much!


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