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I'm usual for a newbie....

Are the dial plans listed here put into the ATA or are the put into Voxalot?

The dial plan I copied and put into my ATA is
(*[56]00S0 |*xxx[x*]. |x |*xx |1[89]76x.! |1[79]00x.! |1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |011xx. |411S0 |<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<720:1720>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<720:1720>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 )

I don't know how the Voxalot dial plan matters if my ATA has the plan. Should I remove the dial plan from my ATA and figure out a dial plan for Voxalot?
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