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I'm currently using everything via PennyTel at the moment. I had SipMe as my local calls for a while but now that I have a DID, 8c via PT is nice.
Priority      Pattern          Replacement          Provider
1       _888XXXXXXX             ${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
2 	_779. 			${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
11 	_612XXXXXXXX 		${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
12 	_02XXXXXXXX 		61${EXTEN:1} 	PennyTel 
13 	_[8-9]XXXXXXX 		612${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
21 	_614XXXXXXXX 		${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
22 	_04XXXXXXXX 		61${EXTEN:1} 	PennyTel 
31 	_61[378]XXXXXXXX 	${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
32 	_0[378]XXXXXX. 		61${EXTEN:1} 	PennyTel 
41 	_1[38]00XXXXXX 		61${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
42 	_13[1-9]XXX 		61${EXTEN} 	PennyTel 
91 	_0011. 			${EXTEN:4} 	PennyTel 
92 	_XXXXXXXXXX. 		${EXTEN} 	PennyTel
Priority x (1&2) are Pennytel SIP and Short Code to use Budget Dial Plan (non-untimed)
Priority 1x are all local numbers
Priority 2x are all mobile numbers
Priority 3x are all national numbers
Priority 4x are toll based numbers
Priority 9x are international numbers

Priorities in the "4x" are for my Softphone, I don't have this Plan on my other Voxalot account which is attached to my ATA as my SPA dialling rules will send them out to the PSTN line.

I use Priority 92 to accept any number greater than 10 digits, which will usually constitute an IDD code.
Why not have less "X" in the string?
Having more than 10 digits will disallow 1900 numbers from the dial plan.
ie: 1900 XXX XXX is 10 digits but not greater than, so 1900 will not be forwarded.

I guess I could completely remove "92" and be forced to put "0011" at the beginning of all my calls but I use my Contacts List on X-Lite (and MS Outlook Contacts). They're all set in International format so I just double click on the name and it will call. To create rules or having to copy the number, press "0011" then paste number will be a bit tedious.

There's probably a simpler way of doing this but it seems to work well right now.


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