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this is and extended version of a working Dutch dialplan conform OPTA(independently regulates compliance with legislation and regulations in the areas of post and electronic communications.)

Dial Plans
Priority Pattern 	Replacement 	Provider  		Comment
1 	_112		${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	emergency number
2 	_18XX 		${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	new information numbers
3 	_118 		${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	old information number
5 	_ZXXXXX 	31592${EXTEN} 	VoipStunt 		local numbers(city: Assen, nl)
6 	_ZXXXXXXXXXXX 	00${EXTEN} 	VoipStunt 		international numbers 
10 	_0800. 		${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	toll free numbers 0800
20 	_06xxxxxxxx 	${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	Dutch mobile local format
21 	_316. 		0${EXTEN:2} 	BudgetPhone-out  	Dutch mobile national format
22 	_00316.		0${EXTEN:4}	BudgetPhone-out  	Dutch mobile international format
30 	_0900. 		${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out 	toll numbers 0900
31 	_090[69]XXX. 	${EXTEN} 	BudgetPhone-out  	toll numbers 0906 and 0909
100 	_0031. 		0${EXTEN:4} 	VoipStunt 		local international format
101 	_00. 		${EXTEN} 	VoipStunt 		international format
105 	_0. 		${EXTEN} 	VoipStunt 		national format

Beware of the priority sequence!
If your inbound provider is Budgetphone, define two entries. For details:


Provider List
Description		Username		Host	  		Active	Status 
BudgetPhone-in	Yes	Registered  
BudgetPhone-out   	31592xxxxxx         	Yes       -

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