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Default Dial plan for Geelong, Victoria, Australia

All local calls go through FaktorTel 52xx.
International, mobile and short calls go through PennyTel
All national calls outside local go through WDP.
I can prepend a number with 1* etc to send through a different provider.
18881 is the SipMe account balance number.
777 is the PennyTel Help Desk number.

Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active

1 _52. 03${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
2 _0[2378]XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} WorldDialPoint Yes
3 _04. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
4 _0011. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
5 _5*X. ${EXTEN:2} Koala VoIP Yes
6 _09. ${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
7 _4*X. ${EXTEN:2} SipMe Yes
8 _3*X. ${EXTEN:2} Pennytel Yes
9 _7XXXX ${EXTEN} Koala VoIP Yes
10 _888xxxxx. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
11 _1777xxxxxx ${EXTEN} SipMe Yes
12 _619XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} WorldDialPoint Yes
13 _13xx. ${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
14 _1*X. ${EXTEN:2} WorldDialPoint Yes
15 _2*X. ${EXTEN:2} FaktorTel Yes
16 _18881 ${EXTEN} SipMe Yes
17 _777 ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes

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