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Hi Martin

Okay, I tried calling the Fort Lauderdale (1-954-607-4525) number again, but this time instead of using the ENUM ( alias, I used *010XXXXXX and I got the same problem :-( One-way Audio. I can hear the called party (Voxalot Subscriber - My Dad), but they can't hear me from the Fort Lauderdale PSTN gateway.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

I called, the same number using my Dad's ENUM number (1-416-907-XXXX) and using his Voxalot Extension *010XXXXXX and the called party didn't answer. Instead it went to their Voxalot Voicemail service and I left a message. The message was recorded fine. So when Voxalot's Voicemail answers a call coming in from the Fort Launderdale number, there is TWO-WAY audio, but when the Voxalot VoIP extension answers the phone, there is ONE-WAY audio.

I then tried calling via the the Fremont-Newawk number (1-510-248-0397) and using both the ENUM alias and the Voxalot Extension, I got TWO-WAY audio to the SAME Voxalot Subscriber that I am getting One-Way audio with above.

Finally I ran a test by calling MY Voxalot number (a totally new Voxalot Extension) from the Fort Launderdale number and it resulted in One-Way Audio.

I hope these tests are helpful in diagnosing the problem with the Fort Lauderdale number.

Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.

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