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Originally Posted by chatalot View Post
I am also finding that pbxes is great for running a softphone on all my PCs and mobile devices at the same time on the same network as each sip phone is a different extension with it's own login my router handles it all ok. This also gives you the ability to dial out from a softphone too. Which leads me to my question -

How get a pbxes extension to pass a * prefix to my outgoing voxalot trunk so that I can dial the prefix for other networks. I just get invalid call tones

I suppose I could put in a workaround and prefix with 00000 and then get voxalot to remove this and put a * in, but is there a way of keeping the * as though it was a voxalot extension?

Sorry if it is slightly off topic but I figured that people with pbxes experience may be reading this thread.

There is no way to keep the *, as it has a special function on PBXes (it resets the line). See

You can either do as you suggested in VoXalot, or do the routing in PBXes (see it won't let you dial *600 but it will let you dial 8600 for example and be configured within PBXes such that when an 8 is the first digit it is replaced by * and sent as such to VoXalot...)
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