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Originally Posted by skandymicky View Post
hello everybody

I have an eutelia inbound local number, and when I use it my X-Lite client rings no problem. I also have a VoIPStunt account and now I would like to set voxalot to forward the calls made to my local number to another number through VoIPStunt.
The idea is: I have this italian local number +39 123 456789 thanks to Eutelia
I ring this number from my mobile
Voxalot detects my X-Lite client is offline
Call Forward redirects the call to my girl's mobile through VoIPStunt

Is that possible?
Yes it is possible - though Voxalot does not detect whether your X-lite client is off-line or on-line to invoke call forwarding rules.

Originally Posted by skandymicky View Post
I configured the Call Forward panel with _. as Inbound CID pattern but now when X-Lite is offline all I get is the call machine

Thanks in advance
The CID Patterns is optional - if left blank all Calls will be forwarded based on the day and time slots set - such as start time and end time for call forward rule to take effect. You also have to put in where do you want the call to be forwarded to i.e. Select Phone #, SIP URI or Voice Mail.

Phone# will require you to select the provider or dial plan to use. (Dial Plan is default) So to forward to your girlfriend mobile - select phone number and enter her mobile phone number and select provider to be VoIPStunt.

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