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First of all, eliafino thank you! It also works for me

I want to add some comments to eliafino's work to help newbies like me to follow the instructions.

1) To find out which SIP password to use, you have to login with globe7 software client, at least once.
After your first successful login the information we need is saved into the file CREDEN.INI,
which can be found in the program installation directory of globe7 (c:\program files\globe7).

2) Now open CREDEN.INI in your text editor (mostly double click is enough).
You will find your authentication details there.

[Authentication Details]
user_email= your globe7 login email address/id
user_email_pw= your globe7 login password, encoded
USER_VDID_PW= your SIP pw, which is reversed and encoded!
3) To find out your SIP pw use eliafino's coding table for decoding and reverse the order of the code.
For example:

If you find following information in your CREDEN.INI file.


USER_VDID_PW= 110001 110002 110003 //decoded 123, reversed 321
Your SIP login information for this example would be.

SIP id= 777123456789
SIP pw= 321
SIP proxy=
With compliments to eliafino
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