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I just signed up for the first time, all excited to try out the quality, and then of course, if all went well, I was gonna go with pretty much the most expensive program they have...
But I've tried to just register as a "New Account"/"New Custome", and haven't heard a thing back YET!!
I feel your pain boys, but here' a little good news for you Check out this link and see how you like their product ~ VoIP PBX - 30-day free trial - move your phones to the cloud (like I said, I'm trying out a few before I decide who to go with..) or even get a (google) Gmail acct and use their new voice thing. Theirs is totally free until at least 2011.. ALSO!! If you have a phone with the "Android" OS, you can use Voice and Sipgate together and never get charged a dime from you cell company for minutes. (if you have friends/family thing..).
ANYWAY, if you find out anything about my problem, please post. but check out those other 2 in the meanwhile...
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