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Default Forwarding rules not working?


Until I figured out that the rules weren't working, I had five forwarding rules that would forward all incoming calls to my mobile (via dialplan) for each weekday (different times each day).

However - it seems that these rules are forwarding ALL calls all the time. Is VoXaLoT's clock out of sync, or is this broken, or am I missing something? I would have thought that if the forwarding rules only tell VoX to forward calls during the week then it shouldn't be doing it on Saturday.

EDIT: This is how my forwarding rules work now - and its not working - its forwarding calls on a Saturday and (by my logic) it shouldn't be.

Entries in priority order. Note: Clicking on a SIP URI link will only work for click-to-dial software.

Priority Inbound CID Pattern Day Start Time End Time Forward To Active
1 - Weekday 7:30 18:00 04136...... via MNF Yes [Edit] [Delete]


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