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I was thinking about the problem described on this post, and maybe the cause for it relies on NAT (router) and SIP port used by PAP2T. So, my questions are:
  1. Are you using SIP standard port (5060)?
  2. If not (i.e., if you are using some other port such as 80, 443, 2060, 3060 or 4060), are you configuring not only Register Server but also Outbound Proxy Server correctly?
  3. Are you using port 5060 to something else?
  4. Has your router symmetric NAT (bad...!)?
The probable cause for this kind of problems is on SIP port used (maybe not the configured on PAP2T but the one that the NAT on the router assigns to the SIP dialog). Such behaviour explains why callee phone remains ringing when the call is disconnected: it can't send the SIP cancel message to the end point. So, I would check:
  1. STUN Server configuration;
  2. SIP Port configuration (standard or other following the PAP2 tutorial);
  3. Router/NAT behaviour.

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