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Exclamation Pennytel blocks VOXALOT!!! No Explanation! No ETA to Fix!

For some time now, we've been unable to make phonecalls via our multiple accounts with voxalot that register with pennytel.

We called pennytel, and were told to reconigure the device. However after several phone calls, we finally spoke to a 3rd tier support (or equivelent) and they informed us that VOXALOT had been banned from making OUTGOING calls via Pennytel. It had been a "Management Decision"...

The reason being, there is some "loophole" to allow users to make millions of free calls via Voxalot and through Pennytel servers, that negates their promotion. (must have pretty pathetic security!)

i.e. Free 10 million minutes, and some how Pennytel is being taken advantage - by some Voxalot users?

I'm not sure HOW anyone can make phone calls for free, as all calls are recorded and you must authenticate with the Pennytel server BEFORE making phone calls, so I am extremly confused!

What is the solution?

When will Voxalot change whatever is needed?

How can we change the DEVICE ID shown @ Pennytel, from: "Voxalot" and too: "Linksys" for example?

How can we customise what Pennytel see's so that we are not blocked?

This NEEDS to be resolved ASAP as it has been going on for several weeks now!!!

Thank you for your support and attention.

- 9 Disgruntled Customers!

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