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Originally Posted by pmrtvcom View Post
I am wondering whether I might be able to reach toll free numbers in any further countries, notably Belgium, France and Ireland.
Don't know.

However, one thing that you might try, is to see if there are any VoIP providers who are located in (and specifically service) the countries that you are interested in. And, if there are, look over the cost info carefully on that company's web site, to see if they include toll free calling "for free" as part of their service (or if you have to pay for it). And if they do include free "toll free" calling (for a country you are interested in), consider signing up for a minimum prepay account with that provider (assuming the minimum isn't too high to make it not worthwhile).

i.e. If you can find a VoIP company that has (as part of their package) the toll free calling you want, you should (in most cases) be able to set them up as a provider in VoXaLot, and route your toll free calling (for that country) to that provider. Of course, this will mean you will have to create an account with that VoIP company, and many VoIP companies have a minimum prepay amount for opening an account. But if that prepay is "low enough" (and you don't get socked for things like monthly fees), it might see be "worthwhile" if that gives you "free" access to the toll free calling you are looking for...

BTW: I actually do something similar with my SIPphone/Gizmo5 account. While I don't use it for calling "toll free" numbers per se (as I have other ways to route the toll free numbers I want to call), I do use it to make "free calls". Specifically, the main use I have for my SIPphone account (which currently has zero balance) is simply to let me make free "Backdoor Dialing" ( Gizmo5 - Make free internet calls from your mobile phone and computer - Back Door ) calls from family ATAs connected to VoXaLot. i.e. I setup my SIPphone account as a provider in the VoXaLot accounts (yes, more than one) used by my family, and then setup the VoXaLot dial plans to support the free BackDoor dialing. In fact, I even setup the VoXaLot dial plan (on one family member's VoIP phone) to "hard code" a handful of common numbers (that I previously confirmed work with Backdoor Dialing) so that they always take "the free route" by default even if/when the special code to engage "Backdoor Dialing" wasn't dialed with those numbers.
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