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Default Can't dial out from EU voxalot server

I have configured my ATA & Eyebeam softphone to connect EU server, but device detail page in online voxalot show me that my ATA is connected to AU server & my Eyebeam softphone is connected to US server. This shows that there is some problem with EU server. Or may be I am wrong & it is just load balancing. But actuell problem is that I can't dialout using voxalot.

23-05-2009 22:38:16 eyeBeam release 3007n stamp 17816 sip:*010xxxxxx@
23-05-2009 21:48:57 AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7141 (UI) 40.04.70 (Feb 18 2009) sip:*010xxxxxx@

I have tried to call *010XXXXXX & 88351004XXXXXX but either way I don't get any call. If more users have this problem on EU server then may be some one alert voxalot by pressing Red button.


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