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Originally Posted by tomblandford View Post
I'm trying to find free incoming phone numbers for two places:
. San Jose, California (408)
. Salvador, Brazil (71)
If you don't mind 2-stage dialing (i.e. user first calls the PSTN number, and then at the voice prompt dials *010 followed by your VoXaLot number), there are SIPBroker - PSTN Numbers in both of those locations (however, this won't help the person wanting a Peru DID, as there is not currently any SIP Broker PSTN numbers in Peru).

There is no signup needed to use those numbers, and the costs are covered by the VoIP companies sponsoring those DIDs (which company sponsors which DID are shown on the SIP Broker PSTN page). However, you will have to explain to the people calling you, about the unique dialing sequence.

BTW: The way I've personally found it easiest to explain the PSTN number use/dialing to "normal people" (who don't have experience with SIP Broker or VoIP) is to say that the PSTN number reaches a "phone system", and you still have to enter my "phone extension" (at the voice prompt) to reach me. And my "phone extension" is: *01... (i.e. I tell them my "extension" is whatever SIP Broker dialing sequence will reach my VoIP account). In my experience, most friends/family that can't wrap their head around VoIP (much less SIP Broker), still have no problems understanding what a "phone extension" is (as they have gotten used to calling "extensions", when interacting with businesses that have their own phone systems)!
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