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Originally Posted by ataboy View Post
I'm trying to establish the inbound mechanism here. I am assuming that PSTN calls ring the phone directly via the DECT interface and that VoXaLot calls ring over IP. Does the phone ring whatever the type of call or is it "either PSTN / or VoXaLot"?

Also, is the CLI passed correctly in both cases?

Finally, how is the speech quality?

Sorry for so many questions!

The C450IP will ring either PSTN or IP calls (unfortunately there isn't a distinct ring for either type of call, which I find a disadvantage). The phone cannot handle more than one type of call at a time, unless you purchase a second handset.

As for CLI, in the case of PSTN, like any old phone, you have no control over CLI, whereas for SIP, this can be configured , but ultimately it is up to your provider to have this be passed on to your called party.

I am very happy about the speech quality both PSTN and IP
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