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Default Help with Voxalot please ...

Howdy All,

Thanks a lot for a great service.

I am new to Voxalot and relatively new to VoIP (although I have a technical computing background and I have my SPA 3K up and running fine now with a number of gateways for different service providers etc.)

I have two DIDs, one local to my home location and one remote in another country.

I have registered my ATA with the local service provider and when someone calls the local DID my ATA phone rings.

I have registered my ATA with the remote service provider and when someone calls the remote DID my ATA phone rings.

I would now like to have both of these DIDs make my ATA phone ring and I believe Voxalot can help me do that.

I added both of the accounts as active providers within Voxalot.

I set the remote account to register from Voxalot and it did successfully (after the normal wait). I assumed I would need to do this so that it can receive calls made to the remote DID.

I setup a default forward rule to my sip address for the local service provider and my ATA is registered with the local service provider so that it should ring when it received as voip call (e.g. from the remote DID).

Unfortunately, it does not ring. The phone goes quiet after dialling the remote DID (directly on the PSTN line) and then I get a message saying something like the "network does not support that service"

Of course, I can't tell who that message is from (it would be a good thing if providers identified themselves before giving messages etc.). My general question is: Does anyone have an idea as to what could be causing this?

I read somewhere that some service providers don't accept *voip* connections without being registered. Is that true? Will it help if I register the local serivce provider in Voxalot (as well as with my ATA)?

Further, the local DID service provider has a different sip proxy and outbound proxy. Which should I use in the sip default forwarding rule in Voxalot? I believe I tried both but neither worked.

An alternative I see is to register my ATA with Voxalot and then register both the DID service providers from the Voxalot providers section. Is it possible to do what I require in this way?

I am just unsure then how I indicate that when there are incoming calls from either of these providers the ATA registered with Voxalot should ring? Will it happen automatically or do I need a default forward to Voxalot?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers.


Ashley Aitken
Perth, Western Australia
mrhatken at mac dot com email
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