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Angry Hey! After Paying Money Nothing Works??

Wow, that was fast!
Now it works,

again I (Voxalot ID:408236) waited a day/night to give eu.voxalot a
chance to update their data, but still I can't phone

My WLAN-cell-phone is valid registered at voxalot. I can see its

But as soon as I dial any Tel.No. and press 'enter' I get:
"Nicht erlaubt (403)" (= not allowed 403).

My Voxalot.Account is successfully registered at my provider voipCheap and it is active.
Yesterday I directly connected the phone to VoipCheap and I could phone!
Now I register this phone to Voxalot and - _any_ number => 403


add Question: If I want to reach my other voxalot accout will it wortk if I dial *031 305234?
Ata: Fritzbox 7270
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