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Originally Posted by serendipitydawg View Post
Another month, nearly, has passed. Any news, Craig?
I understand, and sympathise with, your frustration, however counting down the number of days since you last posted doesn't change any of the points I mentioned in

We spent the last few months moving the site to a new standards-based Look and Feel and the problem is that, despite claiming support for something as simple as HTML 4, Windows Mobile 5 doesn't properly support the BUTTON tag. Apparently this has been fixed in Windows Mobile 6, but that probably doesn't help you.

As I said previously, changing away from using the BUTTON tag is going to affect all users on all browsers on all platforms. If I could have made a simple change to fix this problem, I would have done so long ago. The change that needs to be made to get the site to work properly on Windows Mobile 5 is non-trivial and will require re-testing on all browsers across all platforms.

I appreciate your point that it used to work, that you paid for premium membership, and now the new site doesn't work. If this is something that you feel particularly aggrieved about, please contact me offline and I can arrange a refund of your premium membership.

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