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Originally Posted by sko View Post
There is permament error when trying to rich sipnet numbers via sipbroker pstn gateways.

SIP-Code SIP Proxy Provider name

What I can confirm so far...

A Speed Dial for SIP URI withing VoXalot does not work...a similar speed dial to from within CallCentric works fine....

This means there is an issue between VoXalot (and by virtue SipBroker) and ...

There is a chance that they could be blocking us...(at the moment Gizmo, LiberaIlVoip and SipGate do for example), but given the .ru TLD there is also a chance they've ended on a blocklist on the VoXalot end...

It could also be that the whole issue is strictly based on SIP interconnectivity and there is no IP blocking of any sort...

I'll bring it up to Martin and/or Craig and see what happens...
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