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Originally Posted by majo View Post
By the way you have fritzbox, how do you dail like *031519146 from your telephone set attached with fritz box?
I have created a set of dialing rules to choose the provider just like "call-by-call" prefixes.
10  	_99910.  	${EXTEN:5}  	Provider A
11  	_99911.  	${EXTEN:5}  	Provider B
12  	_99912.  	${EXTEN:5}  	Provider C
31  	_99931.  	${EXTEN:5}  	SIP Broker
So I would dial 99931519146 and the dial plan would remove the trailing 99931 and hand over 519146 to be dialed by SIP Broker.

If you need to prefix the *031 again just edit the rule like follows:

31  	_99931.  	*031${EXTEN:5}  	SIP Broker
This works with all brands of hardware, including FritzBox.

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