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Originally Posted by boatman View Post
Are any of those SPA3102 units able to receive calls within the first 60 seconds after registration? It may help if you test for that and post results here.

There are two methods for maintaining a NAT route through the router to the SPA3102, needed so the SPA3102 can receive calls. The methods are port forwarding, or sending NAT-keep-alive packets. Which method do you use in your routers?

If you are using port forwarding I can check that your SPA3102 units are reachable. Just send me the public IP address, 'User ID' and 'SIP Port' of the lines to be tested. I can do the test without ringing your phone, or I can make a SIP call and check the SDP packet at the same time.

These SPA3102 have worked fine for many months without any incidents.
Something have changed lately but I did not change anything.

Would be faulty all of a sudden ?
I will have to test...
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