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Originally Posted by 244751 View Post
I believe Martin's response above was also referring to you. CHECK YOUR FIREWALL LOG!!!!

Well - I'm not sure what a firewall would have to do with it. Because I'm not using a softphone myself. It's an ATA (Sipura 2102) and it's the first unit after my router ZyXEL 660R D1 in order to make QoS work. The only firewall I have is within the PC (Windows own firewall) and its log only mentions accesses granted to different programs. I can make calls with the PC shut down

I have two VoXalot accounts - one for me and one for my wife (on the same IP) One of the accounts is registered with the above mentioned ATA - the other one with a Grandstream GXP 2000 SIP phone. The problem regarding incoming calls via access numbers is the same with both accounts. Both accounts setups are alike but one of them cannot access the mailbox (*500) the other one works fine. People may leave a message if phone unanswered and I do get a pulse sound to tell I got messages but cannot retreive them. I use two-tone POTS phone with the Sipura to dial *500 but get a busy tone already after *5

On both accounts I cannot dial through the access numbers. Maybe some parameters in the SIP setups are incorrect but I'm sure it isn't because of firewalls.

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