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Originally Posted by newbie_mt
Thanks for responding so quickly. Would another soluton be to have her daugher map her PSTN line to My sister now has an account setup with Voxalot so that PSTN line could be mapped to her voxalot SIP ID, couldn't it?
I'm a little confused about what you are asking. Is the number you are thinking of "remapping" the "daughter's"? And does that "daughter" have a VoIP adapter to use with her Voxalot account? If so, then yes you could use to map that (daughter's) telco/PSTN number to her VoIP adapter. And yes, that would let you use "SIP Broker" as the FREE provider for that leg of the call.

However, if that (daughter) in question already uses VoIP with Voxalot, than she can already be reached "for free" as one leg of a "Web Call". In that case, just pick the "Voxalot" provider from Web Call, and enter her Voxalot number!

The thing to remember about ENUM (, is that it doesn't in any way allow you to make a call that you couldn't previously make. With ENUM (or without) you still have to be able to make a SIP (VoIP) call to the person via some means! The ONLY THING that ENUM does, is make it easier for someone to realize that 1-555-555-1234 is owned by a person who is also on This is a very useful "phone book" type service, but that is ALL it is. For example, if you were to register your cell phone number with, and then point it at your Voxalot account, it will be your VoIP adapter (NOT your cell phone) that "rings" when someone calls that number via free ENUM!

If you want to connect two PSTN numbers via "Web Call" you either: A) Need (as others have mentioned) a VoIP provider that will let you make "two calls at the same time", or alternatively B) Two seperate VoIP providers (where you use one provider for each leg of the call). However, if one side of the connection is free VoIP (for example, someone who can be reached via "SIP Broker"), you obviously can use a provider that only allows one call for the other (PSTN) side of the call...
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