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Default Update?

Hi Martin/All,

This is a good sticky post, but doesn't really help me much in my current quest for an Australian provider. Have tried AstraTel and thinking I'll try someone else (quality OK, but think I'd prefer to pay by the minute). Not very many Australian VSPs on the list that work with both dial plan and web callback.

Freecall came closest to meeting what I want, but not keen on the monthly fee. I know there are a lot of other Australian VSPs -- best lists I know are:


(courtesy of

VSPs at #7, with a note re SipBroker, but not Voxalot!)

What about a new thread, like this one, but start with a table of all Australian VSPs? Survey members to who is using or has used any of them, and any info re compatibility with dial plan and web callback.

Would be good if we could promote those Australian VSPs that are Voxalot and SipBroker friendly...

Cheers, Brian
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