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Default New SuperNetTel SIP Proxy Support

SuperNetTel has the following compatibility with voxalot:

DID server open from all addresses, to any SuperNetTel "Super DID" (NOT TO FREE DIDs). Features full Codec Translation from GSM, G729, and G711u/a to the CODEC of the user End Point. Dial the DID in e164 format after the *413 code

Registrar / Proxy will accept inbounds to accounts that begin with "0", "Free DIDs" and "Super DIDs" issued with accounts. Accepts inbbounds from SIPBroker and VoxALot services only. No CODEC Translation so you must set a common CODEC as the SuperNetTel end point, and account.

BTW, we are looking for Beta Testers with H323 hardware devices. You will have full access to all dialable SIPBroker codes from you H323 device as well as a SIP address for inbounds for the duration of the Beta.


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