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Default Why do you need the PBXes account in this scenario?

Originally Posted by martin View Post
Out of curiosity, why do you need the PBXes account in this scenario? Doesn'y Voxalot alone allow you to achieve this?
As you might have seen here I am interested in a worldwide calltrough:
Call-In with local numbers from SIP Broker or Tpad and Call-Out with Voipstunt. This would mean that I would have local Call-In numbers in the entire world. I could call the world for the price of a local call wherever I am.

I travel a lot and want to use my cheap callout rates from Voipstunt wherever I am. Also it would be theoretically possible to let my friends from abroad use these cheap rates for the price of a local call.

Of course I would prefer to do that all with Voxalot or your new product VoxRoam. I spent too much time in VoIP installations.
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