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Originally Posted by Tranworld View Post
I admit that I can only think about it from my perspective, that is why I posted it here so that I can get others. Having said that in your scenario 1 and 2, I can't see how to initiate the web callback?

Ahh if you are at an internet cafe, perhaps?
No, maybe parked in a lay-by in a traffic jam in southern Belgium ...

On one mobile phone ...

I press Go to, 8. After a few seconds the Voxalot phonelist appears. I scroll down to Eurotunnel and select it.

About twenty seconds later, the other mobile phone rings. I'm in a call queue for quite a while, but not getting neurotic about it. Eventually I change the time of the booked crossing home to the UK.

The 13 minute call costs me 18 pence.

The wap/gprs trigger is included in a contract tariff, or about half a penny if I exceed the allowance.


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