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Well don't get me wrong, I think the facility is useful, but has limited application in its current format, by the addition of a way to access without Internet access, it will be much more useful and will find application in many more ways.

If I am at home now or at a hotspot then I can just use the E61 SIP directly, eliminating one leg of the VSP charge and less voice delay and technical complications.

Even without the E61 VoIP ATA are quite cheap these days, even advanced one like the PAP2T cost just USD55 (EUR43) to buy which gives you 2 FXS port to play with, so if you have direct access to Internet already, there is little need to get callback. I am sure there are situations, like the one described here, that it proves useful, but it is rare.

The most useful time is when you can't have Internet and yet can get called back and still use VoIP on your mobile, now that would be brilliant and would open up its use far more
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