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Originally Posted by Tranworld View Post
What would really be useful is if there is a way to initiate that call back using a normal call back technique of a a PSTN number that you call, it drop the line and then call you back (using the web callback technique of course), except in this case you can chose your VSP and the rate etc. now that will be really really useful.
I'd love to see that feature too. A number that you ring that allows you to initiate a webcall with VoXaLot, BUT it phones you after disconnecting the call. That way both legs of the call are VoIP and you don't pay your mobile provider anything after the quick setup call. Would it be possible to set it up so that you call your VoXaLot number by SIPBroker and then press ## and enter a PIN, then dial a number from 1-99 that would correspond to your Web CallBack PhoneBook, or maybe Speed Dial numbers? Then put the phone down and wait.

As for Web CallBack, of course its useful if you have a WAP phone without SIP (plenty still around!). I also use it to initiate international calls when I'm at work (on the web) and I let my sister use it to make international calls from home on her PSTN line. Keep up the good work VoXaLot!

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