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You have 3 options for forwarding:

1. Any inbound call (which is self explanatory)

2. Inbound number: This is the Caller ID of the person calling you (if I call you and my number is 123456 that's the number this rule is matching against)...

3. Inbound Provider: This is based on the provider through which the call is coming and that's registered in VoXalot

If I understand correctly from what you mention above (correct me if I am wrong):

-You have one provider which provides you with multiple DIDs (incoming numbers)
-You want to match calls based on which DID is being called
(You can do something along these lines in Asterisk ... but not in VoXalot)

The only way this'll work is if you register each of your DIDs as separate providers and use the 'Inbound Provider' rules...

BTW, Who's the provider in question?
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