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Originally Posted by than30fyl View Post
Dear emoci,

Thanks for all the info.

I've purchased a Linksys/Sipura SPA3102 to replace my 7140. I have one provider registed with Line1 and Voxalot as my Gateway1. The ports used are 2060. Everything is working as expected, except for the disconnect after 20 seconds, that voxalot connections - suffer.

I've setup the STUN:, and NAT keep alive on my accounts. Also i have forward ports:
2060 UDP and (RTP) 16384-16482 UDP to my SPA3102 adapter.

I've also followed the aritcle metioned in the previous reply.

Still Voxalot will disconnect after exactly 20 seconds.

Any ideas please?

I'm also on top of this one, have the same 20 second drop connection, it is NOT the ATA device, but some keep alive function send from Voxalot, that gets lost in the process, also checking (your) IP address. have lots of other accounts that work perfect, only Voxalot, gives this problem.
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