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Originally Posted by wildvoip View Post
I have NAT keep alive and NAT mapping on the PAP2 set. When I register to, 80, 443 i.e. anything besides 5060 I see that

When I call another voxalot user who is offline (not registered) then the call does not go to his voicemail. I just get no response. I am able to call the user when he is online (registered) and reach his voicemail.

What is the problem here ?

Thank you.
Two questions:

-Does this or does this not happen when you actually use port 5060?
-Does this continue to happen if you call in the format *010xxxxxx rather than just 6 digit dialing?

One thing that maybe occurring, if you are calling another VoXalot user within 5-10 min after their device has turned off, sometimes the servers have not propagated the change rather than hearing ringing you may receive dead space equivalent in length to the time it would ring... then VoiceMail should pick up (vs. VoiceMail picking up right away when the de-registration is complete)...
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