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Default SIP/Voxalot-68c3 is circuit-busy

Something strange. Busy tone on everything.
Log is below - what's going on there?

Jul 9 02:46:49 VERBOSE[13815] logger.c: -- Called Voxalot/*600
Jul 9 02:46:49 VERBOSE[6702] chan_sip.c: SIP response 404 to standard invite
Jul 9 02:46:49 VERBOSE[13815] logger.c: -- SIP/Voxalot-68c3 is circuit-busy
Jul 9 02:46:49 VERBOSE[13815] chan_sip.c: Hangup call SIP/Voxalot-68c3, SIP callid
Jul 9 02:46:49 VERBOSE[13815] logger.c: == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/1/0)

It's strange. A couple of weeks ago my other account I set up for my parents stopped working exactly the same way - they were getting busy tone on any number they dialed. Now it's my account...

What's that? Software upgrade at Voxalot?

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