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Originally Posted by padboll View Post
For interested people: According to my tests, it should work when really in different places (different public IP) or behind a normal router (without SIP ALG) if each phone listens on a different port.

In my current situation I cannot test more but, nevertheless, I managed to make ring both phones. There was just no sound, but this is certainly due to SIP ALG feature "confused" for audio channels.

Thanks again to emoci for this valuable information...
The layer of VoXalot dealing with user registration relies on OpenSer rather than Asterisk (as far as I remember) hence this feature...

Behind the same IP/network ... things have always been confusing though... one possibility (it may help) is to use different ports (eg 5060 on one device and 4060 on the next ... see and split the range of RTP ports available to both devices so they do not overlap....

For anyone testing at the moment though....
-The US server seems to be having an issue (as far as I am aware so far changes within your VoXalot acct. do not seem to take effect there).
-There is a partial problem for some users with the AU server as per Craig's post a while back

So the safest server to test with at the moment is the EU server...
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