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Originally Posted by jantielens View Post

I recently got a Premium Voxalot account. Besides the FUP exceeded issue with Voipdiscount (hey, it's still cheap), it works great! (I'm using multiple providers, some dial rules, logging etc).

Now I'm playing around with Call Forwarding: is it possible to forward a call to multiple accounts? (the first one to pick up would get the call) The idea is to have functionality like a group ring or something like that.

There is no possibility to forward to multiple destinations directly...
-One run-around is to register all destinations to the same VoXalot which case when a call comes in they'll all ring
-Possibility number 2 is to setup the group calling using SipSorcery and have VoXalot forward to one SipSorcery URI which in turn calls multiple destinations...
-If you're looking for something more polished (it's cheap but not free) checkout instead of SipSorcery...
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