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Default Voxgate - New Scam ?

Hi all, I was just trying to write this message at the News part of this forum but I have not the propoer privilege, but as seams that this can be iportant I decide to write it here and maybe the moderator can change it to a proper place or delet it.

Today I was doing research in Voip things when I found I goes to this website and I read it then I just did a sing-up and I got the infos in my email. Then my softphone just froozen and I reboot my computer after this I was trying to use the service and it does not work, everything that they say does not work.
1- Does not call others Voip using the proper Sipcode.
2- Does not call any 0800 - USA, UK, etc
3- The DID number from UK is very wear since start with this prefix 870.
Also I tryed to call my own DID and does not work.
4- I call theyer number and I got no answer.

When you call an 800 number seams to me that I hear a russian lady saying a message.

Is this a new Scan or some stupid hacker did some bad work to them?

Maybe more people can try and write here or at the proper place what is going on.

Thank you very much.
Jose Pinto - Brazil.

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