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Tiscali UK are now offering 'free line rental', with their broadband, where they have local loop unbundling (LLU). There are 2 price bands. GBP15/month for a 2Mb/s, unlimited download, connection with free weekend calls or GBP20/month for up to 8Mb/s, unlimited, connection with all geo. UK calls included. They did have an GBP18/month option too but they seem to have dropped that one.
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So, with LLU you can offer something similar to that of cable.
VirginMedia cable charge GBP18/month for a 2Mb/s connection with no phone line (though they do offers - sometimes at GBP10/month for the same thing).
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As I see it, he only reason we have had real success with LLU, in the UK, is because BT was forced to split, by the regulator, and thus create OpenReach. This was because, like Telstra in Australia, they were, stifling competition. With OpenReach that all changed and things run smoother now. I reckon if the Australian regulator did the same with Telstra then Australians would reap similar benefits.
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