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Default Call Transfer

I am using GXP2000 and trying to get call transfer working between Voxalot accounts without much success!

The 3 accounts are on 3 different VoIP devices (ATA-486, Micronet 5105S and the GXP2000) and everything else has been working fine except the transfers which I have decided that I must investigate further.

1) An established incoming call from another voxalot extension to the GXP2000 gives a 403 forbidden from Voxalot when trying to do a blind transfer of that call on the GXP2000 to another voxalot extension.

2) An established outgoing call from the GXP2000 to another voxalot extension gives a "The person at xxxxxx is not available" when trying to do a blind transfer of that call to the xxxxxx voxalot extension. The same happens whether or not I use the *031 ( my extensions are on format preceding the xxxxxx extension number.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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