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Default (un-)usefullness of iNum

Hi Rybshik,

Originally Posted by rybshik View Post
I do not see how iNum is better or more useful than SipBroker
Well, I also have my question marks about this service.

At first sight, iNum looks very interesting as they provide ITU-assigned e164 numbers which -in theory- should also be accessable from the PSTN-network. (iff you read the ITU-document "at cost of a 'national' call").

However, then I ask myself why they set up a seperate enum-root, and not use the "official" tree like everybody else.

My guess is that -very simple- voxbone want to get incoming calls on their netwerk and -in fact- compete with sipbroker.
So, I agree with you- it would indeed be a good idea if would also register these inum-addresses so that they can also be used from the sipbroker dialin-network.

BTW. Has anybody see this:

"The initial +883*5100 dialling plan will consist of +883*5100 followed by five digits, i.e. +883*510*0XX*XXX.".
So does this mean that the numbers as assigned by voxalot at not ITU-complient?

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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