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Originally Posted by Vitesse View Post
Hi All,

Just registered to give some info on my recent experience with Betamax...

First I heard of them was from my credit card statement. Two small amounts taken. After investigating Betamax through google I contacted my provider and got refunded. Naturally my card had to be cancelled.

The CC company have no idea how my card number was compromised but think it's probably just found by chance through an unsecured website (how many combinations of CC numbers are there?)

I do a bit of online shopping and sometimes use paypal. Never used any Voip firm apart from some free skype. I'm in the UK BTW.

you are lucky enough! i didnt get any refund from betamax as they couldnt trace for which account they charged me. they were asking for either username or member id. how come i will know which username or member id was used to charge my card? i sent them the info from the bank but they told me that was not sufficient. so sad
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