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Originally Posted by mgoebel View Post
Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: NoNoh offers free calls to various countries

The latest Betamax company Nonoh is offering free calls to following destinations:

Argentina (Landline), Australia (Landline) , Austria (Landline),Belgium (Landline), Bolivia (Landline), Brazil (Landline), Bulgaria (Landline), Canada (Landline & Mobile), China (Landline & Mobile), Croatia (Landline),Czech Republic (Landline),Denmark (Landline),Estonia (Landline),Finland (Landline),France (Landline),Germany (Landline),Greece (Landline),Hong Kong (Landline),Hungary (Landline),Ireland (Landline),Japan (Landline),Latvia (Landline),Malaysia (Landline),Netherlands (Landline),New Zealand (Landline),Norway (Landline),Panama (Landline),Peru (Landline),Poland (Landline),Portugal (Landline),Puerto Rico (Landline), Romania (Landline) , Russian Federation (Landline) ,Singapore (Landline),Slovak Republic (Landline),Slovenia (Landline),South Korea (Landline),Spain (Landline),Sweden (Landline),Switzerland (Landline),Taiwan (Landline), Thailand (Landline & Mobile), Turkey (Landline),United Kingdom (Landline),United States (Landline),Venezuela (Landline)

I have never seen an offer with that many free destinations. Until now it works like Jajah or Voxalot's web callback. But in their FAQ they already mention a downloadable software. As we know from Betamax this can be an intermediate step to give their users the SIP settings so that people can use Nonoh on their ATA.

Hi Markus...
Nice product though! Thanx a lot.
Seems this is not sip based; can you please confirm?
Question 2: Where the h*** is the app we have to download?
Best regards...
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