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Originally Posted by El_Condor View Post
I am still looking for a workaround for that Sipgate is blocking all Voxalot servers. That's why I looked up this web page: - free phone service over your broadband link - voice over ip provider
Free connections to
Dial the prefix 000747 and the phone number of the connection
It says that you can make free phone calls from Sipgate to, which is also the mother company of the Gizmo Project. My Gizmo project inbound number works very well with Voxalot.

So it should be possible to install a free call forward in Sipgate to your Gizmo phone number (which is installed in Voxalot) and everything should work as before.

Could you fellows try this out?

I already checked it, but wasn't successful. There is always a voice that says to me that my call cannot be connected. Or the Sipgate web page for call forward says that I should type in a "real phone number".

But maybe I am just typing something wrong?
I am using from Austria that should be the same as . NO sipgate does not have any FW to another phone or sip . any other Idea
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